Rocketship: Sales Leads Contractor

Rocketship is an internet startup that offers Sales & Productivity SaaS for SMEs globally. Website:

Email Discovery Tool as the name implies is an Email Discovery Tool SaaS for lead generation. Website:

The product has matured in terms of development and is now into the scaling phase. The Contractor Program for Sales Leads is to help build up growth muscles for the company, for EDT and beyond.

Current Coronavirus Pandemic has made it a challenging landscape for businesses globally, especially when they are cutting down their Sales & Marketing budget. The Contractor Program aligns partners to help market the SaaS into the partner's respective territory and the profits will be shared attractively.

Your benefits as a partner

1) You get a generous X% of the first-year profits on all Email Discovery Tool accounts which you help market (plan prices are between $10-$250/month/user).

2) Grow with the company if you demonstrate competency, usefulness and there is a matching business requirement.

3) You will be educated on sales processes and receive skills transfer from a tech startup.

Typical distribution methods which you can build

1) Word of mouth referral in your network and industry circles. This is an effective channel. Share with Sales Professionals on how email hunting can help in their customer acquisition work.

2) In-bound channel. If you have a blog or a content platform that drives in relevant traffic, suggest for them to try out EDT.

3) Out-bound channel. You can use EDT & cold emailing to market EDT out (ask us for an account), or if you have access to cheap/ad inventory, you can put up some ads to drive conversions.

Do whatever it takes to drive conversions and keep your marketing efforts healthy.

How will the remuneration workflow work

1) Customer Self Serve

Get familiar with EDT, market it and encourage user signups and paid conversion (you will receive a complementary EDT account, on a fair use policy, over the duration of your contract)

Ask the user to submit the paid invoice number to your unique form. A reward which will be sent to the user's bank account. Example form format - You will generate your unique form to track your leads.

2) Direct Enterprise Sales

If you are selling straight into an enterprise, we can create X number of premium trial accounts for the customer, for i.e. a 7 days period. From there, you can guide the customer on how to make the best of the software. When the customer agrees to go on a paid plan, the company will generate invoices for the customer to sign off.

3) Performance Attribution

Provide the relevant customer information to our company. The company will validate paid the sign ups and attribute them to you. You will get paid X% of the first-year profits for your service rendered.

Why is this attractive to you

1) Work remotely, anywhere in the world, especially in the current work from home climate, sell to your geolocated markets

2) This is a part-time gig, which you can work on top of a fixed day commitment

3) Tangible performance to remuneration

4) Make recurring income

5) Get exposure to Tech and B2B SaaS

Your next step

If these sound good to you, please provide your information here:

Good luck, we will hear and get back to you.