Enterprise Software Company in Singapore


To be the leading enterprise software provider, first in Singapore then beyond, and bringing great high-value workflow convenience to companies in the next bound of the digitalization journey.

This starts with general workflow automation with user-friendly interfaces and then AI.

We serve the startup, small & medium-sized enterprise and management consulting community in Singapore. Past and current engagements include leading multinational telcom and leading management consulting firm.

We do both custom software work and run our own software product lines.

Software Development House

We build custom enterprise software for your company be it web apps, mobile apps or websites.

We enjoy and we have a niche building in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Document Management, Payments and Accounting space.

Improve your current business processes or build new business lines. Some features which we can build for you are AI, Data Analytics, Scraping, Price Alerts, Email, Payment, API Integrations etc.

Leave your contact for us to advise you on your project and to provide a suitable quote.

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Accounting and financial workflow for entrepreneurs

Fully functional double entry system. Generate financial statements for year-end. 100% free. Sign up for the waitlist.

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Financial market data analytics. Screen global financial assets across Equities, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Currencies and World Indexes. Watch price levels and get alerted 24/7.

Investment Screening and Monitoring on the Cloud.

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Email Discovery Tool

Unlimited scrapping of emails, LinkedIn profiles and business location info from the web for cold email outreach.

Send cold emails to get sales leads.

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Company Culture

We first optimize for happiness in how we work.

We look out for teammates and partners who are curious, hardworking, low ego and highly ethical.

Rocketship Company

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