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To improve workplace productivity and bringing new generational tools for the digitalized workforce.

All these via the best execution and delivery methods - so we all have more time to do the fun stuff.

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Cognitive services for M&A due diligence.

Currently fund raising.

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Email Discovery Tool

A business intelligence terminal for companies and people globally - emails, geolocation, companies, personnels, news. A convenience wrapper for aggregated public business data on the web.

Useful to get new sales and partnerships.

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Easily build an online distribution channel for your SME.

A horizontal marketplace and ecommerce PaaS to digitize local businesses.

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Smart Transcribe

Save time and create possibilities by transcribing audio-to-text, image-to-text and summarize text instantly and accurately

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How emojis are disturbing your businesses’ social listening tools

The rise of emojis adds another factor for natural language processing to consider when interpreting language. However, despite the varied use of emojis, graphical iconography isn’t that hard for social listening tools to interpret.

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How start-ups should Tweet

This is the second part of our series on social media management for start-ups. Whereas our previous post focused on the Instagram platform, we will be discussing the best marketing or account management strategy for Twitter.

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How start-ups should Instagram

Using insights from our app, Latent’s start-up experience, and a fresh Generation Z perspective, this blog article presents the best Instagram marketing strategy tailored to start-ups..

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The Value-add of Social Listening to Crisis Mitigation

Every company faces the potential threat of a crisis or scandal. They come in various shapes and forms: bad press, negative reviews, tarnished reputations, unfavourable associations, ridiculed through online trends and more..

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