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To help companies with greater agility and nimbleness in responding to emerging priorities, new breakthoughts and changes in the global technological landscape.

Digital technologies are set to change the game in the next bound of economic development, we help ensure companies globally continue to be well-placed to seize the opportunities of the digital future.

Rocketship is an enterprise software company serving the startup, small & medium-sized enterprise and management consulting community in Singapore to do better.

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Software Development House

We build custom enterprise software for your company.

Web app. Full stack software deployed on the cloud. Enhance your business processes, collect and work with better information, build new online capabilities, build new business lines, collect payments online etc. Features negotiable (AI, Data Analytics, Scraping, Price Alerts, Email, API Integrations etc).

Web site. Own a high conversion online presence for your business. Standard project delivered within 1 month. (Landing, lead form pages, WP eCommerce etc). Add-ons negotiable (Search, Payments, Uploads, APIs, Custom Copy & Design etc).

Maple Intelligence is a collaboration partner to manage complex projects.

Contact us for us to advice you on your project and to provide a suitable quote.

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Lead Form

Forms built and optimized to capture leads from web and social media traffic with fast load and tracking capabilities. Responses will be pushed to you via email and SMS for you to follow up immediately.

Convert web traffic and views into sales.

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Email Discovery Tool

Business intelligence app to search up business contacts. You can search via company, people and location. From the emails obtained, you can send a cold email to request for new high value sales and partnerships.

Send cold emails to get sales leads.

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Financial market data analytics. Screen global financial assets across Equities, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Currencies and World Indexes. Watch price levels and get alerted 24/7.

Investment Screening and Monitoring on the Cloud.

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To Showcase

Subbit - A horizontal marketplace and ecommerce PaaS to digitize local businesses. Easily build an online distribution channel for your SME.

Berryshine - Single product commerce. Berry based detox supplement.

Kenkoway - Multi product commerce. Health, wellness and nutrition products.

Funlah - Multi product commerce. Helium balloon gifting and delivery in Singapore.

Rocketship Company

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